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Mystery Gershwin

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From Duo to a whole orchestra we can offer you wonderful classical or contemporary experience. The variety of options include female ensembles that can suit your wedding or special event.

George Gershwin is one of the most exciting composers of the 20th century. Awakening a palette of vivid emotions, his plays are impressing both the musicians and the audiences. As a jazz musician, for me has always been an inspiring experience to play his music. The other inspiration behind the creation of the “Mystery Gershwin” album is the voice of the young and very gifted singer Veleka Tsankova. 

"Gershwin’s music, Veleka Tsankova’s voice and the devoted participation of some of the most exciting Bulgarian jazz musicians gave birth to a mystery of sounds bringing genuine delight for the senses”, says Mihail Yossifov for the album “Mystery Gershwin” – a music bijou with Mihail’s arrangements of some of George Gershwin masterpieces.

Summer Time, But Not for Me, Fascinating Rhythm, The Lorelei, Nice Work, He Loves and She Loves, I Got Rhythm, Someone to Watch Over Me and Lady Be Good are the plays included in this album recorded by Veleka Tsankova and Mihail Yossifov Quartet.

*A trumpeter, composer and arranger, Mihail Yossifov is one of the most accomplished and successful Bulgarian jazz musicians to have emerged in recent years. Active, curious and ever expanding his broad music horizons, Mihail writes beautiful original plays as well as exquisite arrangements of jazz standards – always with respect and acknowledgement to the great music masters who created them. 

            **A talented young singer with warm and natural on-stage presence, Veleka Tsankova showed huge interest in music and singing at a very early age. Her parents signed her up for a children's choir, where she participated in multiple concerts, musicals and recordings. Following her genuine passion for music Veleka applied for the National Academy of Music "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" later graduating with a Master’s degree in pop and jazz singing.

During her studies, Veleka also spent two semesters studying at the Conservatorium Maastricht in the Netherlands, as well as one semester at the Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Tartini" in Trieste, Italy.







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