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In February 2013 nine musicians of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra were brought together by violist Merve Kenet Bulun. The unassailable harmony amongst them, the way they naturally tuned into each other both literally and figuratively speaking inspired Merve to nurture that homogenous mixture. The idea of an ensemble started to take shape. Enthusiastically received by all the nine original members, led by Merve as artistic director and Lorena Manescu as concertmaster, CineMoon Ensemble emerged and was later joined by conductor Giovanni Pasini.

From their acclaimed debut in 2013 at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha CineMoon ensemble has become increasingly versatile and popular performing in numerous venues, presented in various configurations and settings expanding up to an orchestra of forty musicians in its full formation, all selected members from within the prestigious Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

The success of CineMoon can be measured by many sold out concerts and huge crowds
attending their performances at Opera House in Katara, Qatar Convention Center, Qatar
National Library, Museum of Islamic Art, etc. as well being an important integrated element at Ajyal Film Festival, Qatar Foundation Ceremonies, Art Auctions, etc. Furthermore CineMoon promotes dialogue of arts by presenting special concerts featuring during the performance photography, graphic design and/or puppet shows.

One can easily experience the special bonds that naturally developed amongst CineMoon Ensemble’s members making up a small family within the larger family of Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

Resembling the multicultural nature of its home city-Doha- CineMoon Ensemble’s members come from different countries, cultural backgrounds, religions and genders. They embrace their diversity and recognize it as a source of enrichment and undeniable strength. In addition to friendship, talent and passion for music, the bonding fiber is their motivation and willingness to go that extra mile to entertain and inspire a great variety of audience. They act, joke, tell stories and make sure that music at its finest reaches beyond age, ethnicity and geographical borders.

CineMoon is a vibrant and unique ensemble that delivers their art soulfully to people of extreme diversity and walks of life, bridges the gap between classical music visual arts and world music with an emphasis on film scores, family entertainment and youth education.

Classical Music

From Duo to a whole orchestra we can offer you wonderful classical or contemporary experience. The variety of options include female ensembles that can suit your wedding or special event.

Special Requests

Drum shows, Grand openings and anything you request we can provide. Just ask us and we will take care of the rest.


And make Your event special!


And make Your event special!


Merve Kenet Bulun

founder & viola

Lorena Manescu

co-founder & violin

Giovanni Pasini


Mohammed Oweda


Islam Nour Eldin El-Hefnawy


Raluca Stancel


Ines Wein


Hasan Moataz El Molla


Radu Lucian Mihaescu

double bass

Ferdinand Schafer


Mohamed Ibrahim Saleh

oboe, oboe d'amour, soprano saxophone

Joris Laenen

piano, trumpet


Take a look at some of our live performances.